Dress Standards in the Mess

All Mess Members, official visitors and guests are expected to appear in the NCTC Mess dressed accordingly: 

  1. Dress of the day. PCS MTP may be worn in the public rooms and Dining Room until 1900 hrs.  Staff and students who are still involved in training may wear the dress of the day in the NCTC Mess after this time.  Combat smocks are not to be worn in the NCTC Mess other than when transiting in/out of the building.
  2. Evening attire. Dress in the CTC Mess is smart casual.  Students are required to wear a minimum of collared shirt (shirt, blouse or polo shirt), smart jeans (no rips, tears or frays) and shoes (not trainers) when in public rooms.  T-Shirts, flip flops and sporting attire are not to be worn in the NCTC Mess, unless transiting in/out of the facility. 
  3. Dinner nights. A formal Dinner Night is programmed on the ALM, CCF Basic and Master Cadet courses.  Order of dress for the dinner night is Mess Dress.  Males who do not have Mess Dress are to wear black tie or, in extremis, a lounge suit with a sober coloured tie.  Ladies not wearing Mess Dress are to wear formal dinner dress (below the knee) or trouser suit with shirt/blouse. 

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